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NEW ARTICLE: Michael Hoenig’s Departure from the Northern Wasteland / 1978: The Kosmische Hell Hound of Berlin. Link to the full article below.

New Review: Tristan Perich / Drift Multiply / 2020. Link to the full article below.

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The Sadies / Colder Streams / 2022: Connecting the threads

Mr. Maurer was a big man; easily 6’6 / 275lbs. He was the kind of man who rarely spoke to anyone and always carried the look of hard work and internal struggle. He was also a huge country music fan. Everyone on the block could hear his music playing on Saturday afternoons as he attended to his yard (and drank a countless amount of Budweiser). At the time, Country was a musical genre for which I had very little sympathy or understanding. And the truth was, I thought the music was a bit of a joke. I was a denim-chad, long-haired teenager who couldn’t help but snicker at all that gushing emotional earnestness. Keep in mind, our Mr. Maurer wasn’t listening to the bro-country that is so popular today or even the big-hat sounds of Garth BrooksMr. Maurer was strictly old school; playing records by Johnny Cash or George Jones or Merle Haggard as the afternoons turned into the evening. At the end of the day, you could find him just sitting on the porch, surrounded by empty cans of Bud. Listening to music that seemed to take a special pleasure in dissecting every aspect human heartbreak. 

Will you still love me when I am down and out / In my time of trials will you stand by me / Would you go away to another land and walk a thousand miles through the burning sand / Wipe the blood away from my dying hand / If I give my self to you – David Allan Coe / Would You Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone)

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Tristan Perich / Drift Multiply / 2020

“You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning. . . . We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave – that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil – Hunter…

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The Sadies / Colder Streams / 2022: Connecting the threads

On February 17 2022, Dallas Good, guitar-player and vocalist for the Canadian country/psych band, The Sadies, unexpectedly died from a coronary illness. Dallas was 48 years old. The band’s already finished album, Colder Streams was then released in July 2022. Colder Streams isn’t just another great album by the Sadies. The band has been making great albums since their first in 1998 with, Precious…

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(Even More) Krautrock Rarities

The purpose of Part One of our Top 10 Krautrock Rarities was to move beyond the usual classic albums from the past. We decided to save the gushing platitudes about the usual suspects (Can’s Tago Mago or Faust IV) for someone else. That’s a concept that has been done again and again and again. Just as…

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The secret (proto-punk) history of Bob Seger: 1966 – 1973

OK…our article begins with a bit of a misnomer. What we are really talking about is the often deleted, cancelled or ignored early discography of AOR wunderkind Bob Seger. You know the guy; the maker of such banal music endeavors as Night Moves, Shakedown or, Allah help me, Old Time Rock n’ Roll. Seger’s post…

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Krautrock via the Sorbonne: Richard Pinhas & the French Électronique Guerillas of HELDON

The alternative-history novel “The Iron Dream” was written in 1972 by American author Norman Spinrad. The book written in a complex “novel-within-a-narative” style that frames another science-fiction story, Lord of the Swastika, with Spinard’s critical analysis. With Lord of the Swastike purporting to be written by an “alternative-history” Adolf Hitler. This “Hitler” leaving Germany after World…

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Gil-Scott Heron & Brian Jackson / Saturday Night Live / December 1975

Nearly everything that American poet / vocalist Gil Scott-Heron and keyboardist Brain Jackson recorded together between 1971 – 1980 spoke of the personal struggle against tyranny. Not only did they create the finest soul-jazz music you will ever hear on albums like;  Pieces of a Man, Winter in America and The First Minute of a New Day. Their music…

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David Sylvian / Sleepwalkers / 2011 & 2022

Hello Sleepwalkers: Here’s a writing exercise dubiously related to the reissue of David Sylvian’s Sleepwalkers compilation. A brilliant collection of miscellaneous singles, live tracks and one-offs from Sylvian’s most experimental and avant-garde period. Much of the music moving toward Sylvian’s odd but beautiful minimalism. This is an artist that has continued to be more adventurous…

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Tricky / Maxiquaye / 1995

There I was sitting on the bed of my best-friend’s older sister. Margorie was a stunning girl. Tall with long sliky dark hair and amazing eyes. And she would occasionally invite me into the private domain of her bedroom to listen to music and talk. I enjoyed these sessions with her. I suppose she made…

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THE NEW LIST! (Even More) Krautrock Rarities

The main purpose of Part One of our Top 10 Krautrock Rarities was to move beyond the usual classic albums from the past. We decided to save the gushing platitudes about the usual suspects (Can’s Tago Mago or Faust IV) for someone else. That’s a concept that has been done again and again and again. Just as we have also retreated from any focus on those massive “super-deluxe” reissues or the limited-edition colored vinyl “rarities” that are being manufactured and sold to the public. It all feels like so much product. Truth is, most of our readers already have a healthy obsession with the discographies of Neu! or Can or Kraftwerk. The real appeal of German experimental music has always been the depth and influence it has had across the globe. And with all due respect to American Jazz, it is the experimental music movement that emerged from the Zodiak Free Arts Lab in 1968 that has changed the way musicans create sound and music. (Which was exactly the objective that Conrad Schnitzler, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Boris Schaak had in mind).

With this second edition, (Even More) Krautrock Rarities, we have endeavored to (again) take a look into that bottomless cavern of experimental sounds and follow the path to the most obscure and difficult albums. Bands and music that has largely been overlooked or neglected. But more importantly, The Vinyl-Dreamscape seeks these adventures (musical and otherwise) because we are interested in knowing more about the music; and there is room, if you want to come along for the journey. We sincerely hope that our choice of rarities or obscurities looks beyond the usual vintage or country or city or location you may expect from those classic records. Our goal is to liberate music from those magazines, websites and museums that appreciate records as if they are science experiments; studying the music carefully with their creepy protective MOFI sleeves. Instead, let’s burn those damn institutions to the ground. Orthodoxy be damned. The new list, (Even More) Krautrock Rarities, highlights both contemporary albums and a few older, liberated pieces. We hope you enjoy what has been found. One final note: Don’t make too much of the sequence of these albums. In other words, Yoshinori Sunahara’s Lovebeat isn’t our least favorite album on the list. Nor is Wolfgang Bock’s Cycles our favorite.

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