The Four Horsemen released two albums in the 90s: 1991’s Nobody Said It Was Easy with the single, Rockin’ is Ma Business and 1996’s Gettin’ Pretty Good at Barely Gettin’ By. Gettin’ Pretty Good containing (perhaps) their best song, Back in Business Again. Both albums have some damn fine sleazy-rock. One part AC/DC, one part Lynyard Skynyrd. With just a pinch of the Faces. And a lot of personality. Oh…here is a violent little love story inspired by the music.

Vic and Asha’s Tale of the Apocalypse. Vic kicked the front door of the jewelry shop closed behind him and pumped two slugs from his 45 through it. You know, just to be sure nobody got smart and decided to follow. Asha immediately started towards the car. A massive white convertible Cadillac with “The Four Horsemen” inscribed on the driver-side door.

Vic stopped Asha in her tracks, “Don’t run, baby. You and I will walk away from this one“, he said confidently. And so they did. Asha standing close with her gun still in her hand. Throwing the money and jewelry in the truck, they drive away slowly.

That is until they heard those police sirens. “FUCK“! Vic punched the excelerator to the floor. The front-end of the huge vehicle leapt forward as they roared down the road like a goddamn MX Missle. Two police cars quickly pulling up behind them. “Hold the wheel, babe“, Vic shouted. And turned to point the 45 caliber towards the oncoming police car. “Daddy has some killing to do“. He instantly fired 5 shots into the front windshield of the oncoming police car. Shattering glass across the dirt road. The police vehicle bounced from right to left before it hit the ditch on the side of the road. Hard. One problem gone. But a moment later the second squad car pulls into place. “Fucking Pigs“!, yells Asha.

Don’t worry, angel. They won’t finish us off today. I promise“., said Vic. Asha smiled and pulled up close to him like two young lovers on their first date. “Kiss me, Vic“, she said and pushed her lips hard against his. Kissing him like Satan sucking out his soul. “I love you, Asha“, Vic said. A moment later Asha was slumped head first into Vic‘s lap. Her black hair and pale face covered with blood. And a hole in the side of her neck.

Vic reacted on impulse. Turning around and firing his weapon without regard for the road. It was Sheriff Callaway. Brownville County’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer. “That evil, racist fuck is going to die today” was Vic’s only thoughtas his eyes met the Sheriff. “This is for Asha, you motherfucker“, he yelled and pulled the heavy trigger. A moment later the back of Calloway’s skull exploded.

But there was no glory. Vic placing his finger against Asha’s neck. She was alive. Barely but alive. And he knew where to take her. It was a huge risk but nothing else mattered. Vic drove like a demon to the Brownville Memorial Hospital about 10 minutes away. A veteran’s hospital with a red, white and blue flag hanging on a pole. Pulling up to the emergency ward door, Vic threw Asha over his shoulder, tucked his gun into his jeans and ran through the revolving door of the hospital.

I’ll rain holy hell onto this hospital if you don’t save her“, Vic shouted. Grabbing a doctor standing near the front desk and pushed his gun into the doctor’s soft fat belly. “Do I look like a serious man“? “Yes“, croaked the doctor. Now Vic spoke softly. Almost gently, “Tell me she’s going to be ok. And mean it“.

Back in Business Again: You never met a man like me / You wouldn’t understand / I’m in the rock ‘n’ Roll band / And we were headed for the top babe / Way back in ’91 / Some record business scumbags took it from us / Well…they forgot my gun.