It’s Mid-October, which means that the USA has begun it’s usual obsession with all that is Helloween[sic]. And it’s not just children waiting for unhealth amounts of candy and sugar. Now the adults have joined the fun. Seriously, the adult population has now taken the entire month of October for dress-up time. Which means you can’t leave the apartment without being confronted by a Friendly Ghost or Sexy Witch. Talk about unhealthy. Anyway…the Vinyl Dreamscape should probably be featuring a scary Bauhaus record. 

Instead, it’s Alexander Robotnick‘s classic 1984 debut that has captured the imagination this season.Highly influential, this classic Italian Disco record is at just the right intersection of Synthpop / Kraftwerk / Electro-FunkMaurizio Dami first released Problemes D’ Amour in 1983. Disco may have been dead in North America by 1979 but Europe was still open to the groovy dance floor. And Problemes has lots of groove for anyone interested.

Eventually, Problemes D’ Amour did find it’s way into the U.S market. In DetroitProblemes was prominently feature in this 1985 television commercial for R&B Radio Station WJLB(97.5FM)Strong Songs