Speaking of faux Deutsche Elektronische Musik; the Trees Speak‘s 2020 album, Ohms is an interesting slice of that Krautrocksound and a reminder of it’s continued influence across the globe. Daniel Martin Diaz and Damian Diaz aren’t from Berlin or Dusseldorf but instead feed their yearning for teutonicrock in that other hot-bed of experiemental music, Tucson, Arizona. The duo augmenting their band with musicans from the surrounding community; including James Hunter and the members of Giant Sands.

Ohms certainly pulsates with the motorik frequencies that keeps fans of CanNeu! and Cluster satisfied and coming back for more. However, the Trees Speak is more then just a good retro act. The musicans taking the time and talent to develop song and style into a coheive whole. Buliding on the propolsive energy of the kosmische to develop each track into a living breathing composition. Fusing elements of rock, jazz and progressive into a distinctively moody soundscape. 

The albums first track, Soul Sequencer, is a fine example of the experimentation the band is capable of delivering. Sound and structure enveloping into a humid, subterranean-like enviroment. The sustained drone and pitch of the music building layers of dense atmosphere. The music streching well beyond the confines of a retro (musik) box or whatever limitations that would be imposed. 

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