Here is a stunning example of Italian Librarymusic for anyone interested in taking the plunge into the genre. Composer Piero Umiliani‘s soundtrack is full of worldly beauty and seventies innocence. The easy-tempo music is enchanting, naive and romantic in the way that onlyUmiliani can be. Each track ridiculously lush with the topics of forbidden lust and love.

It’s impossible not to mention the stunning photo actress Zeudi Araya on the front sleeve. Beautiful and elegant, Araya sings two songs during the film that are NOT included on this soundtrack. A true shame. Her performance ofMaryam in Amharic would have been a highlight on the album. 

Never boring or cheesy like so many Library music albums. Umiliani is a master of the melodic flow of the music from track to track. An irresistible record that will keep you coming back to recapture the feeling of the first time.

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