Naked Music: Blue Six / Sweet Love

How else can we say it? There is a certain sexiness about the sound and aura of the Naked Music record label; which including albums by Blue SixMiguel Migs and Aquanote and many others. Founded in 1992, the Naked Music label came about at just the right time. Finding immediate success on the underground dance scene in the mid-ninties with their smooth “Naked Sound“. An appealing combination of lush soulful vocals and downtempo electronics. Music that was the soundtrack for the International Jetset. Or so went the hype. Programed music for the lifestyle of endless parties, designer drugs and beautiful people that floated between San Fransico to New York and London to Berlin.

However, there is a problem. This just isn’t 1994 or even 2004. And nobody cares to pretend. The Naked Sound is amazingly out-of-time in 2022. The harsh realities of a world-wide pandemic, coupled with a growing enviromential, social and economic inequality exposes the music’s meaningless glow. A very real wealth gap is just to cruel for music this rich and indulgent. More then just bad timing, the “naked sound” feels wildly inappropriate as the foundation of our society appears to disintegrate. 

Despite the harsh description, Naked Music actually did release some fine modern disco music if/when the plastic-sex mood strikes. (Beautiful Tomorrow is a personal favorite). Perhaps we should lock this music away with strict instructions to play only if the apocalypse is bearing down upon us. Like the final moment of Lars von Trier’Melancholia. We could take one final trip to that magical cave. Remember the Studio 54 of your dreams?Complete with the sophitication of Mick and Bianca, we groove our way across the dance floor. Like David and Iman, we smoke a final cigarette in the lounge. Just one last time before we drown in a sea of flames