Mark Lanegan / November 25, 1964- February 22, 2022

In 1999 singer, songwriter & author Mark Lanegan recorded his fourth solo album, the stunning covers album, I’ll Take Care of You. The outside material providing the singer with a unique opportunity to focus his art on his powerful interpretive skills. The record is a complex articulation of our own human heartbreak and impossibility of redemption for all that we do to survive. Each track seems to open a different veins in a cold, often desperate landscape. The opening track, Carry Home, written by Jeffrey Lee Pierce (Gun Club), burns with the lonley weariness of a life spent on the road. Filled with internal struggle and doubt, Lanegan‘s vocal finding the strength to contine the long journey home. 

Carry home / I have returned / Through so many highways / And so many tears / Your letter never survived the heat of my hand / My burning hand / My sweating hand / Your love never survived the heat of my heart / My violent heart / In the dark / Carry home / I have returned / Through so many highways / And so many tears