In the last 30 days there has been military actions taken in Somalia, Yemen, Palestine... and the Ukraine. There has been no less the 7 coups or coup attempts on the African continent in the last 19 months; Burkina Faso, Chad, Guinea, Mali, Sudan, Niger and, most recently, in Guinea-Bissau. When we look closely at the forces behind the various bombings, drone strikes and military interventions, there seems to be certain similarities / connections. According to a January 2022 article in the Intercept, Another US Trained Soldier Stages a Coup by Nick Turse,a specific group of military leaders from  Western Africa are responsible for the takeovers. These military leaders share the common trait of having been trained through a US sponsored Defense Department initiative; The Civil Military Support Element has spent more then a $1 billion in security assistance in the region. Money spent to bolster the capacity of a country’s military with equipment and training. The claim being that this program supports stability in the region. In truth, the programs leaves the military the most powerful economic and political institution with vast superiority over the often fragile civilian central government. Stability? Or a formula for a military coup?

Sadly, the western media often remains silent regarding events happening in Asia or Africa. Instead focusing exclusively on developments in Europe. Nor has there been any attempt at understanding the recent history behind the military and economic confrontation happening over the Ukraine. In fact, the very opposite has occurred; collectively the western democracies are censoring the Russian sponsored media outlets RT and Sputnik from their western audience. Apparently, alleviating a deep held fear that the population will have access to a broader view of world affairs than the one sanctioned by the US State Department. 

Baker to Gorbachev: “Neither the President nor I intend to extract any unilateral advantages. NATO’s present military jurisdiction will not spread in an eastern direction.”  – Jim Baker, US Sec. of State, Feb. 1990.

Of course, there are still alternatives to the pro-war narrative, if we seek them out. For example, on the SheerPost website, author Chris Hedges has an insightful article, Chronicles of a War Foretold, that examines the many warnings and clues leading to this current insanity. Hedges‘ writes, “Countries that joined NATO (after the fall of the CCCP), which now include Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia were forced to reconfigure their militaries, often through hefty loans, to become compatible with NATO military hardware”. The Hedges’ article begging the following questions; What is the purpose of NATO? Is NATO a defensive organization? Or does NATO serve a larger purpose? The ever expanding NATO membership leading some to conclude that the alliance is a model or structure for a global defense system. Whatever the answers, the alliance certainly seem here to stay. To look a bit closer at the issue of NATO and the it’s evolution, attached is 2017 interview with University of Arizona, History Professor David Gibbs and award-winning writer and journalist Arron Mate’. The two discussing the long-term purpose of the western alliance; DOES NATO CONFRONT THREATS, OR CREATE THEM.

“The US aids Ukraine and it’s people, so they can fight Russia over there and we don’t have to fight Russia over here”. – Congressman Adam Schiff, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, January 2020.

In many ways the long term push for a global defense structure has already begun. The governments of the EU are under pressure to increase their military capacity. Or let’s say it another way, we are witnessing the rapid Americanization of the economic, political and military culture of Europe. Perhaps most shocking is how quickly this transformation is happening. Within days of the invasion of the Ukraine, Germany more than doubled its defense appropriation for 2022 to $113 billion. A ”lavish” increase according to one source. Can the UK and France be far behind? A massive redistribution of government spending in the upwards direction. Akin to the US policy shift with the Reagan Administration after 1980. If these trends continue, this massive increase in spending will affect every sector of European culture.

And what does a militarized society look like? Just look across to the other side of the Atlantic; a declining life expectancy, poverty & homelessness, privatization, mass incarceration and educational & cultural decline. In other words, a desperate hell-scape for the poor and working-class. In turn, this financial desperation will fuel the most politically extreme and ugly segments of society. A radicalized and angry population is an important tool used to set the game in motion. Similar to what we saw developed and used in the Ukraine with the neo-fascist Azov regiment in 2014. When the US funded the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected President for resisting integration into NATO. These non-governmental actors are the early foot-soldiers used to destabilize a country or a region. Haven’t we seen this same formula played out again and again? 

“I do think the plan is to prolong the fighting… complete the destruction of Ukraine by turning it into a quasi-Afghanistan”. – Ret. US Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, March 7, 2022

At this point, we simply ask; who will benefit? As they say, “follow the money”. Who are the mercenaries that will benefit from this unprecedented increase in military spending? Military contractors, that’s who. Hensodt, Leonardo, Thales, BAE Systems and Rheinmetall are the top beneficiaries. And according the Yahoo News article, Germany Jacks Up Military Spending and These 5 Companies Could Be Big Winners, the ”winners” won’t just be the European military industrial complex. The increased spending will resulting in a “tailwind for many defense companies beyond those based in Europe”.

Does NATO want peace? Or is global war a miltary strategy of empire? The situation is clear to anyone paying attention. The current conflict in Europe did not need to happen. Either by design or by incompetence, the Western powers have triggered an unnecessary conflict with a nuclear superpower. And the same is true of Somalia, Palestine, Yemen and the many other brutal wars being whitewashed by western government and media.

(UPDATE: The Oliver Stone’ Ukraine on Fire has been ban by YouTube and across many media platforms. Look to alternative sources to see the full documentary).

If you are beginning to see through the empire of lies, the proxy wars and the manipulation, then Oliver Stone’s 2016 documentary, Ukraine On Fire, is a good starting point to understand how this situation was orchestrated. Below is a link to the full documentary made available for free by the director. Whatever your personal politics or point-of-view, it is well worth watching. Knowledge is power. Free link: Ukraine On Fire.