Did President Joe Biden say the quiet part out loud? Twice?! While visiting U.S. troops stationed in Poland last week, the American President stated”you’re gonna see (the Ukraine) when you’re there“. Insinuating that NATO troops could soon become directly involved in the conflict. As if that was not enough to scare the entire planet, on the following day (March 26th), America’s Emperor Nero made another revealing statement about U.S. intentions, that “Putin cannot remain in power” in Russia. An extraordinary indication that ”regime change” in Russia is the real purpose of the Ukraine conflict. Not democracy?!

Both statements reveal much about the current conflict in the Ukraine; that the lack of meaningful negoiations with the Russians is no accident. The current conflict is actually serving important alternative purposes; Namely, 1) pushing for regime change in Russia through the use of massive economic sanctions. And, 2) reassert U.S miliary and political dominance over Europe through the structure of NATO. Current estimtes are that the U.S. has over 100,000 soldiers stationed in Europe through NATO. With additional US forces based in non-NATO countries; Kosovo, Cyprus, Sweden and Finland.

A major shift is happening; since the invasion of the Ukraine, NATO has poured thousands of additional soldiers and military equipment into Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania. And now Biden wants a permanent “longer-term adjustments to NATO force posture on the eastern flank”. Perhaps more bio labs speared across the continent? Will these “adjustments ” help bring peace? Finally, did thousands of American troops in Afghanistan help bring peace and stability?Remember, NATO is the platform used to project American military power into Europe. That must be understood. Read our full article: Mercenaries and the obligation of empire.