War in Europe. Military Coups throughout the African continent. And harsh economic sanctions across the globe.

Now the democratically elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has been ousted from power.  When addressing his country last Friday, Prime Minister Khan repeatedly stated that his ouster from office was the result of a “foreign conspiracy” with a strong indication that the culprit of this coup was the United States.

In a letter sent in March 2022, the U.S State Department demanded that Pakistan immediately impose economic sanctions on Russia and openly condemn Russia’s President Vladimir 

Putin at the U.N. Fulfulling these demands would be in exchange for the continued “friendship” with the U.S. government. Shortly after recieving the letter, Prime Minister Kahn publicly responded to these demands by asking the most critical questions; Who is the United States to demand anything from a sovereign Pakistan? Are we your slaves?

Imran Kahn was first elected to the position of Prime Minister in 2018, with a promise to create a “new Pakistan” that would end poverty and corruption, while never allowing Pakistan to be a puppet for “outside powers”. And there were other challenges that PM Khan faced right from the beginning of his adminatration; the massive economic pressure brought on by a global pandemic. And the increasing hostility over Kashmir and Jammu border with India. (Note: India has grown increasingly hostile & violent toward it’s own minority Muslim population).Additionally, there were other signs that Khan was charting his country on an independent course interationally. Providing aid and economic assistant to help stabilize neighboring Afghanistan after the disastrous withdraw of American troops in August 2021. Khan openly blaming the US for the humanitarian crisis that followed. And the result of this outspoken criticism? Emperor Biden refused to meet with or even talk with Khan since taking office last year.

Clearly the war across the globe has continues to escalate; Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Congo, Gabon, Suden, Guinea-Bissau, Venezuela…and, now Pakistan. But what exactly are we witnessing? Are we to believe that all the coups, wars and sanction random? Just a series of unrelated world events? You may think so if you happen to reside within the U.S. Most Americans certainly believe they are unrelated. The so-called “free press” within the United States is increasingly censored on world events. Censored? Indeed, yes. A unique hybrid form of censorship developed through the privatized-media. The illusion of an independent press is maintained while all major news outlets take their cues directly from American industry and the State Department. Two sides of the same imperial coin.

Are we watching as Empire seeks to avoid the enviable multipolar world that we see unfolding? Perhaps the sanctions, wars and coups are a strategy to maintain US military and monetary dominance?  

We can be sure of this, the last chapter has not been written on Imran Kahn. He is the rightful leader of his nation. The Pakistani population has poured into the streets by the hundreds of thousands in protest following Kahn’s removal. A great show of defiance by a population that will know longer tolerate the removal of their elected leadership.