Kraftwerk:The Mixes & Remixes / 1991- 2022

KlingKlang Produkt in 2022?  After 50 years of producing the most groundbreaking sounds of the century, Ralf Hutter has allowed the studio vault to open, if only a tiny bit. Kraftwerk Mixes can easily be seen as a follow-up to The Mix from 1991. An album that played an important role in my personal introduction to the band. The Mix featuring entirely re-recorded and re-mixed versions of  tracks that had originally appeared on the most well known period in the bands history; Autobahn (1974) through Electric Cafe (1986). More than a simple remix album, The Mix saw new melodies pulled from within the songs. And in many ways the record was a completely unique listening experience. It could be argued that, in some cases, the new re-modeled tracks are better then the album counterparts. The music providing an interesting update on the brilliance of the original sound.  

Mr. Hütter and Company has stated that he considers The Mix as a “live” album. Recorded to demonstrate the bands improvisational skills within the “live” studio setting. Certainly the album does provide insight into the possibilities of how the Kraftwerk songs could be handled in the future. Mostly recently, The Mix was reissued as a stand-alone double album on white vinyl. A luxurious release. 

Unlike The Mix, Kraftwerk Remixes collects the band’s own remix efforts alongside the work of DJ’s and producers from across the globe; including Detroit’s own Underground Resistance collective, William Orbit, François Kervorkian,Étienne de Crécy, Orbital, DJ Rolando and Hot Chip. Mixes are taken from various singles and digital only releases since The Mix album to 2021.  Remixes also features the groups latest studio output with Non Stop, and Home Computer and Tour De France (Etape 2). The Non Stop track is actually a small sample recorded for MTV in the 1980s. In 2020 Kraftwerk reworked the 30 second sound-sample into a full 8 minute adventure into a Kraftwerk future. The new track doing what fans want the most; veering into odd, adventurous and challenging territory.On the down side, several of the track are cut from the original single release. For example, the Hot Chip Mix of La Forme is missing 5 minutes from the original vinyl release.

Closing Note: Tour de France is the band’s most current music with most of the members. Three out of the four classic member’s of the band are still contributing to the  album( Florian being the missing member). If you have not heard the band’s last full length album, Tour De France Soundtracks it’s more then worth your time. The melodies are unique and it’s a treasure to hear the band to update their sound in a modern studio. Kraftwerk currently consisting of founding member Ralf Hütter with Fritz Hilpert, Henning Schmitz, and Falk Grieffenhagen. One last note, Kraftwerk will embark on a 24-date North American tour this summer. And then in August with the Chemical Brother in London.