GlobalWar at the al-Aqsa Mosque

Very little has been mentioned in the American press regarding a series of Israeli attacks at the Al-Aqsa Mosquein Jerusalem. The attacks came again last Friday during evening prayers with more then 300 Palestinian worshippers injured at the Haram al-Sharif (Noble/Holy Sanctuary). A location considered to be the third holiest site in all of Islam. Israeli soldiers entered the Mosque and used tear-gas and flash grenades on the worshippers. Many of whom were elderly and children praying and fasting for the holy month of Ramadan. The raids are yet another example of the Israeli government policy called collective punishment that is inflicted regularly on the Palestinian population of Jerusalem.

As the global war of 2022 continues to unfold, each phase of the battle takes on its own characteristics; a coup in Pakistan, a missile attack in Somilia and the proxy wars in Syria, Yemen and the Ukraine. But it’s the Palestinianpeople that have faced the full brutality of war for decades. Every manner of violence has been inflicted; racism, imperialism, economic sanctions, executions, religious terrorism, drone attacks and military occupation. Of course, the American government always does it’s finest Scranton Two-Step when asked about Israeli violence; US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, stated that he has ”serious concerns” about the recent attacks at the Mosque. No follow-up. No consequences. 

There was no admission of any direct or indirect American role in the nonstop escalation of violence. Not even a call for the attacks to stop. Nor is there any mention of the long-term policy of expelling Palestinians from their homes and territory. For example, in Jerusalem’s Old City, the Palestinian population is increasingly being evicted from their homes by the Israeli military. These random evictions are often executed in the dead of night with the families forced to watch as their homes and possessions are destroyed by bulldozers.

And despite the non-stop media outrage over the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, there is hardly a whisper of the occupation of Palestine. In fact, based on the massive amounts of military aid ($4-5 Billion since the Biden Administration ) being pumped into the Ukraine, you could get the impression that Palestinians lives are less worthy. (Perhaps their eyes aren’t blue enough?) Of course, there are many reasons, including racism/imperialism. But let us consider another reason for media silence on the Israeli crimes. The Israeli state is the most important military outpost of American Empire. And it’s continued existance is pivotal to projecting American military power throughout the Middle-East. Coincidentally, a region rich with massive reserves of oil. And in return? A big red, white and blue pass.

If you are not famIlar with the al-Aqsa Mosque, then perhaps some background information would be helpful to understand the importance of the location. The Temple Dome or the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. The original Islamic Temple was built in 691–692 CE and then rebuilt between 1022–23. It is perhaps the oldest remaining example of the artistic beauty and influence of the original Islamic architecture. The Dome itself is built over the Foundation Stone, which lays beneath the floor of the Mosque. The Foundation Stone is said to be the actual site where the Prophet Muhammad began his Night Journey (as detailed in the Hadith); a physical and spiritual journey that brought greater knowledge of truth and a deeper understanding of Allah / God.