Breaking News – An additional $33 40 billion in military aid from the United States to the Ukraine: money sent to assure that the homes, schools and neighborhoods of Київwillsoonlook similar to those of Detroit (pictured). And when you look very close, you can see the reason that Russia does not need to worry about defeating the United States on a battlefield. The US is on the road towards it’s own defeat. Nearly every neighborhood in the city of Detroit is littered with the remains of burnt and abandoned homes, businesses and schools. The result of decades of predatory public policy from corrupt, thoughtless and decadent federal leadership; Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton…

The US military budget is now pushing towards nearly $1 trillion every year. That’s more then ten-times larger than the Russian military ($65.9 billion). The chart below includes budget numbers from 2021. The three NATO countries listed (U.K, France and Germany) have all significantly increase their military expenditures for 2022.

This massive increases in US military spending has triggered an interesting domestic economic policy; a consistent reduction of the top-level tax-rates on wealthy individuals and large corporations coupled with an sever erosion of public services across every community. The wealthiest portions of the population will never see the results; poverty, crime, homelessness, illiteracy and incarceration. In fact, the internal portion of most American cities are strictly avoided by anyone who does not live there. Highways and freeways drive around or over these disregarded populations. Many Americans remain unaware of what is happening in their own country or community. Worse yet, most wouldn’t care if they did know.

Nearly the entire public-sector of the US economy has been privatized and sold to the highest bidder. Privatized healthcare, prisons, mail service, schools, garbage collection, libraries, parking meters, community parks, utilities, museums, lakes and roads are increasingly run by private corporations. Prices go up and wages come down. Of course, access to these service depends on who you are and your level of income.

And this is most important because, if successful, these are political, economic and cultural policies that the land-of-the-free will be exporting across the globe

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