Shireen Abu Akleh / شيرين أبو عاقلة / January 3, 1971 – May 11, 2022

Shireen Abu Akleh, American-Palestinian journalist/ reporter assigned by Al Jazeera News to cover the Israeli occupation & military raids on Palestininan residents in Jenin, was murdered by Isreali soldiers yesterday (May 11). As usual, the initial response from the Israeli governemnt was to deny any involvement in the shooting of Akleh. Instead, they attempted to float a fake news narrative that Akleh was shot by someelse. It’s a ploy that has been used successfully in the past to obscure the truth about the brutality of Israeli occupation. Shireen Abu Akleh has been a reporter for Al Jazeera New for over 25 years. Earning a reputation across the Middle East and the world for her courageous reporting in the occupied territories of Palestine. However, Akleh was much more then a brave reporter. Akleh was an inspiration to all Palestinians. Giving them hope that the horrors of the Israeli occupation wouldn’t / couldn’t be washed away by their occupier.

Whatever statements the U.S State Department may or may not issue regarding Akleh’s murder; the United States is directly responsible in every way imaginable. Encouraging the brutal nature of occupation by provides an annual $3.8 billion in military aid to fund the occupation of Palestine. But the U.S. role is greater. The occupation has “razed the homes of 40 Palestinians yesterday (Tuesday), leaving them homeless. And as they plan to evict 1,000 from the West Bank—the largest mass expulsion since 1967”, according to US Representative Ilhan Omar. The systematic murder and displacement of the Palestinian people is more then occupation. When will the U.S leadership be held responsible for their corrupt actions? After all, Israel is the best funded territory of the American Empire. Which brings us to this final question; would the reaction of the American press (and leadership) be any different if the assassination of Akleh had happened in the Ukraine?