The U.S. Global Domination & the Forever War

A major announcement was made today by NATO ( NATO being the platform used to project US military power into Europe): The new headquarters for the United States’ 5th Army Corps is being built in Poland; a “permanent” U.S military base with additional deployments to be spread throughout the region. Discussions are taking place to have as many as 50,000 American service-personnel on the new base within a few years. Of course, that’s in addition to the 55,000 American soldiers currently stationed in Germany. The total number of American troops now occupying Europe will be well over 150,000. Which European country can claim to act independently while hosting such a military force within their border? The question is no longer, has NATO changed from a defensive military posture to a offensive one. We know too well the answer. The question becomes, does Europe realize it is being occupied?

And let’s not forget the other announcement made (quietly) on the same day; there will be two US F-35 squadrons sent to the UK. With this strategic move, the US will have 50 Stealth Fighter Jets stationed inside the UK before the end of the year. The purpose of the deployment is the 24/7 observation of Europe. (Not only Russia but Western Europe). The F-35s will provide the capacity for electronic warfare and intelligence surveillance to American intelligence agencies. We can’t help but ask, why are Europeans so quick to surrender their autonomy to the US Empire? Finally, the U.S. will ”enhance” the deployments of U.S. troops in Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Those enhanced deployments will bring the total number of NATO troops on the border of Russia to over 300,000.

That’s a lot of forward military deployment for a defensive alliance. Or is the real announcement a plan for permanent colonization of Europe? Is that the true purpose of the Ukrainian War? We know one thing for certain; once the U.S. military enters a country, they are extremely reluctant to leave. And soon after their deployment, U.S. business interests in conjunction with CIA operated NGO’s will begin funneling onto the continent to help shift cultural and political environment to one more suitable for domination by the Empire. So expect a wave of right-wing violence and privatization to destroy whatever cultural sanity remains.