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Tristan Perich / Drift Multiply / 2020

“You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning. . . . We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave – that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil – Hunter […]

The Sadies / Colder Streams / 2022: Connecting the threads

On February 17 2022, Dallas Good, guitar-player and vocalist for the Canadian country/psych band, The Sadies, unexpectedly died from a coronary illness. Dallas was 48 years old. The band’s already finished album, Colder Streams was then released in July 2022. Colder Streams isn’t just another great album by the Sadies. The band has been making great albums since their first in 1998 with, Precious […]

(Even More) Krautrock Rarities

The purpose of Part One of our Top 10 Krautrock Rarities was to move beyond the usual classic albums from the past. We decided to save the gushing platitudes about the usual suspects (Can’s Tago Mago or Faust IV) for someone else. That’s a concept that has been done again and again and again. Just as […]

The secret (proto-punk) history of Bob Seger: 1966 – 1973

OK…our article begins with a bit of a misnomer. What we are really talking about is the often deleted, cancelled or ignored early discography of AOR wunderkind Bob Seger. You know the guy; the maker of such banal music endeavors as Night Moves, Shakedown or, Allah help me, Old Time Rock n’ Roll. Seger’s post […]

Krautrock via the Sorbonne: Richard Pinhas & the French Électronique Guerillas of HELDON

The alternative-history novel “The Iron Dream” was written in 1972 by American author Norman Spinrad. The book written in a complex “novel-within-a-narative” style that frames another science-fiction story, Lord of the Swastika, with Spinard’s critical analysis. With Lord of the Swastike purporting to be written by an “alternative-history” Adolf Hitler. This “Hitler” leaving Germany after World […]

Gil-Scott Heron & Brian Jackson / Saturday Night Live / December 1975

Nearly everything that American poet / vocalist Gil Scott-Heron and keyboardist Brain Jackson recorded together between 1971 – 1980 spoke of the personal struggle against tyranny. Not only did they create the finest soul-jazz music you will ever hear on albums like;  Pieces of a Man, Winter in America and The First Minute of a New Day. Their music […]

The U.S. Global Domination & the Forever War

A major announcement was made today by NATO ( NATO being the platform used to project US military power into Europe): The new headquarters for the United States’ 5th Army Corps is being built in Poland; a “permanent” U.S military base with additional deployments to be spread throughout the region. Discussions are taking place to […]

Hot Stuff / Rolling Stones / 1976

Diane had the long blonde(ish) hair and feminine features of the ultimate 70s Girl; a Cybill Shepherd-type with her short skirt, tan legs and halter-top. She was the neighborhood college student who would come home for the summer break. And Diane wasn’t afraid to let her freak flag fly; having pot-smoke fueled parties whenever her […]

The Brian Jonestown Massacre / My Bloody Underground / 2008

Seems every established band has that one album; typically an ”experimental” album that either symbolizes: 1) a one-off studio indulgence or 2) a complete lack of engaging ideas. We have all suffered through an album of studio or live “noodling” by rock-stars that had finally wrestled artistic control from the record label only to find […]


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